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A Home of Broken Bone is a game of monstrosity and humanity. You will examine the ways that our society constructs the monstrosity of marginalized peoples, through the lens of fantasy monsters. 

By monstrosity I mean:

  • the way that we are made to feel broken, disgusting, or violent
  • the way that we are forced into situations of desperation
  • the way we are made to  carry our histories on our backs and in our faces

You will struggle to survive in a world that views you as monsters; one that criminalizes, ostracizes, and murders you. Will you reclaim your monstrosity? Will you reject it?

How will you survive? How will you connect to the other people who have been constructed as monsters? How will you hurt each other? How will you care for each other?

A Home of Broken Bone is powered by the apocalypse; that means it is a hack of Apocalypse World by D. Vincent Baker. To play, you will need: 2-4 friends, two six sided dice, and something to write with.

A Home of Broken Bone is best suited to continuing stories - I don't recommend it for one shots or short term play. 

Note: the game can and will tread into emotionally difficult  territory. It contains mechanics and guidelines for how to take care of each other.

Also note: this is a game about experiencing oppression. If you don't feel safe playing through those kinds of experiences, this might not be the game for you. If you feel as if you don't experience oppression, this is definitely not the game for you. This is not a game about trying on other people's suffering.


Buy Now$20.69 USD or more

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