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Bell Songs is a game of animal adventure in the vein of Redwall, Mouse Guard, or Watership Down. You will need: 1-3 friends, some six sided dice, and something to write with.

Bell Songs is a hack of Delver by  Happy Rebel Tapestries, Blades in the Dark by John Harper, and has mechanics inspired by Vast and Starlit by Epidiah Ravachol.

Bell Songs is GMless.

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Buy Now$16.66 USD or more

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love this game!


There is a warmth and tone to this game not often found. Where the story of a basket weaver carries the same wonder as the tale of a pirate queen.

Beware the choir hawks.




This game is really thoughtful in how it divides focus, authority and responsibility at the table, and it has maybe my favorite main dice roll mechanic of any ttrpg. After reading through it once, I was so excited about some of the ideas it presented I was pacing back and forth. It immediately shot to the top of my "to play" list.