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The world is starting to forget, and its memories are pooling into the dungeon. The dungeon is ever-present and you can always find an entrance if you know where to look.

All manner of strange things, unknown histories, and storied artifacts have trickled in, as well as the people who seek to recover them.

Some want their past, some want power, some want truth, and some want redemption. All of them want to survive and get out, but the dungeon resists.

Delver is a surrealist game of dungeon crawling and meaning-making. You will need: 2-5 players, some six sided dice, and something to write with (paper and pencil, an online writing tool - whatever works).

The game is updated from Delver 1e by Natalie. Cover and interior art are by Sasha.


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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Just two questions: Is this a one-shot, or can you play a campaign? Also, what's the special price point for the exclusive, or is it a secret?

You can absolutely play a longer-form campaign, I've had some real fun playing a campaign of Delver 2e, but I would note that character progression is pretty horizontal. If that is the thing that helps you engage with campaign-play, you might find yourself struggling.

I'm not currently selling physical copies, so the only exclusive reward is community copies. These are free copies of the game for those who cannot afford the game for whatever reason. Currently all of the community copies of Delver 2e are claimed, unfortunately.

Hi! The premise of the game sounds really awesome, but I'd love to know more about the mechanics please! how do the dice mechanics work?


In Delver, dice are relevant in combat - and combat is very dangerous. When attacking your foe, you roll a number of d6s based on your weapon and any of those that equal or exceed the enemy's Might are successes. If none of your dice are successes, you can choose between overextending your Stamina (a precious resource necessary to attack and defend in combat), reducing your weapon's Grade (when it hits 0, your weapon is broken), taking some damage (your health pool is very limited), or choosing to miss.

Most of the game will not necessarily be spent in combat, though, and during those times you will have to rely on your wits to keep your character out of danger, rather than dice.


Are the rules for "Swap Weapons" meant to be duplicated in the text? They appear both in the Exploration Phase and the Combat Phase. 

Yup! That way it's clear that you can swap your weapons in either phase of play.


Awesome! Thank you so much for the quick reply.


I'm really interested by the pitch! Would it be possible to have more info? Like what's the game's system? How is the game surrealist? What changed between the two editions of the game?


Excellent questions! Unfortunately, Delver can be tough to explain. I think the easiest way to try to grasp it is to listen to this session I recorded with a dear friend for 1e.

As for the differences between 1e and 2e:

  • new cover art! From the incredible Sasha Reneau.
  • character growth is part of the game instead of an optional appendix
  • new examples for play
  • information reshuffled and rewritten to make the game easier to follow - this is the biggest set of changes, and too comprehensive to list individually

If you have any other questions, I'm happy to answer them.