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Mystery Dungeon: Adventure Awaits! is a game of magical monster adventure for all ages, inspired by games like the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. You will need: 1-4 friends, some six sided dice, and something to write with.

"You’re a monster, but that’s great! It’s not bad to be a monster in this world. You’re unique and beautiful, but you’ve never been bad.

This is a world full of wonder, and you’re a wonderful part of it. You haven’t been here very long - you’re still young, you were transported from another world into this body,  or you’ve lost your memories - but you’re important. People care about you.

The people in this world are monsters of all kinds; big ones and small ones; nice ones and mean ones; strong ones and weak ones. Some of them will want to fight you, and some of them will want to befriend you.

Go out and explore! Have fun together. There’s a bright new world out there - go learn about its histories and its people."


Buy Now$16.66 USD or more

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